Global Health Catalyst summit 

Catalyzing Collaborations for global health

May 25-27th 2018

Some key speakers and outcomes

New York Times

Honorable Minister of Health, Republic of Rwanda

Oxford University,

Founder, AfrOX

American Cancer Society

some Outcomes
  • Launch of world's premier Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Cloud, powered by artificial intelligence 

  • Global Radiation Oncology CaReER course for 170 trainees in Low and Middle Income Countries. Lectures given collaboratively by faculty from Harvard Medical School, Oxford University UK, University of Heidelberg Germany, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and different low and middle income Country institutions

  • Funding from AfrOX foundation for global oncology collaborations

  • Funding from University of Massachusetts for adapting the Quality Assurance and Review Center platform (Rhode Island) for global oncology education, research and remote support for treatment planning and quality assurance

  • Over 40 travel awards to catalyze collaborations

  • Two publications

  • Start of Drew Religion and Health program 

  • New collaborations involving stakeholders from the USA and Low and middle income countries

Professor, Radiation Oncology,  Harvard Medical School

Dr Ahmed Elzawawy

Professor and Chair of the Harvard GHC win-win

Dr Eduardo Cazap

Professor, President of SLACOM, Past President of the UICC

Dr Julius Garvey

Surgeon and son of legendary figure Marcus Garvey

Dr Nicholas Abinya

Professor, University of Nairobi Kenya

Bismack Biyombo


Orlando Magic

Dr Makeda Williams

USA National Institutes of Health Program Director for Mental Health

Dow Wilson

President and CEO

Varian Medical Systems

Ambassador of Rwanda to the USA

Prof Vish Viswanath,

Professor, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

H.E. Arikana Chihombori

Ambassador of Africa to the USA

Melvin Foote

President of Constituency for Africa

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