Saturday May 25th 2019 at 2:00 pm @ Yawkey Center (450 Brookline Avenue Boston)

Imagine that a world-leading comprehensive cancer center, the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center and affiliated institutions, can be made accessible to all, without geographic or space-time barriers.  Anyone would be able to access the same quality healthcare, education and research available regardless of where they live. That is the bold vision of the world's premier Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Cloud (C4), launched during the 2018 Harvard Global Health Catalyst summit,  which has already won an award for innovation and impact. At the 2019 summit, this session will focus on scaling this award-winning platform so many more can begin to access towards eliminating global health disparities. The C4 employs a sustainable collaborative model powered by artificial intelligence, which pools the time  (30 mins to 1 hour) of cancer health professionals and others who want to participate in global health and advocacy and channels it for impact and win-win collaborations.  It involves participation from a growing consortium of the world's leading  institutions: Harvard, UPENN, Oxford University, University of Heidelberg, etc, diaspora organizations, Low and Middle Income Country institutions/ministries and industry. The session will be hosted in collaboration with IBM  towards collaborations to dramatically increase access to the C4.

Some of the current and potential C4 stakesholders for this session (tentative regularly updated)



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