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2024  USA GHC Summit Program

June  7-9, 2024, at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg Center

at 555 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC

a preeminent public square for collaborations on Americas’ Main Street (between the White House and USA Congress)

The GHC Summits are like no other. Everyone can participate and feel they belong, with an exciting program focused on high impact collaborations to advance global health and development. Come Learn, Network and Collaborate.

Clapping Audience


Focused on Collaboration

Day 1 Program

June 7, 2024  (program subject to change)

9:00 am - 11:00 am

Session 1:
The Cancer Moonshot

  • Chair: Dr Catharine Young, White House Cancer Moonshot

  • Welcome by GHC summit Directors 

  • Welcome by Johns Hopkins  admin, Prof Akila Viswanathan

  • Key Speakers/panelists: 

    • Prof Liz Jaffee​

    • Dr Helene Langevin

    • USAID Leaders

Session 2:
USA Cancer Moonshot 2.0 Lancet Oncology Commission

  • Key Speakers/Panelists

    • ​Dr Satish Gopal, Director of NCI Center for Global Health

    • Prof Hedi Hricak, Chair USA Cancer Moonshot 2.0 Lancet Oncology Commission.

    •  Prof Stephen Avery, Professor and GHC Director, University of Pennsylvania

    • Dr Rafaella Casolino, World Health Organization  

  • ​Prof Twalib Ngoma launch of Global Oncology University Collaborative initiatives with funding  support from the USA National Institutes of Health

12:30pm - 2:00 pm

 Lunch with
Collaborative side meetings 

  • Collaboration meetings  on different initiatives to extend the cancer moonshot goals globally including: RGHF, CRDF Global; AAPM AMPERE, etc

2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Session 3:
Public Private Partnerships Cancer Moonshot model for Global Cancer Funding

  • Chair: Prof David Kerr, Oxford University 

  • Key speakers/panelists

    • World Bank Leadership​

    • Dr Catharine Young, White House Cancer Moonshot 

    • Mark Lodge, Chair, UK and Ireland Global Cancer Network

    •  Linde Therese, VP & Head of Global Policy & Patient Access, Elekta AB 

    •  Sophie Bussmann-Kemdjo, C/Can · City Cancer Challenge, Director of Africa and Europe

Session 4:
Integrative Medicine & Development

  • Chairs: Prof Kenneth Ngwa, Professor Drew University; Dr Ming Yang, Senior Editor, Nature Medicine

  • Key speakers

    • USAID​

    • Jochen Kirch, Director of Mission 21, Basel,

  • Other speakers/panelists

    • Dr Christian Ntizimira, Director, African Center for Research on End of Life Care (ACREOL), Rwanda

    •  Dr Sandra Carrillo, Professor University of Panama

    • Dr David Blow, Pastor, River of Life Christian Center, USA

    • Benjamin Walker: Anglican Health and Community Network, UK

    • Dr Evelyn Parker,  Distinguished Visiting Professor, Garrett

    • Dr David Pate,  Human Development and Family Studies, Center for Law, Society and Justice, University of Wisconsin

Welcome and Ghana Cancer Center of Excellence collaboration

  • This will welcome participants to the summit and spotlight high impact collaborations that have emerged or are emerging from the GHC summits with focus on the Ghana Regional Comprehensive Cancer Center of Excellence.

  • Cultural music display and guests of will include

    • Royalty from Ghana, 

    • Ambassadors, 

    • Governors

    • Ministers

    • Celebrity cancer advocates

Day 2 Program

June 8, 2024  (program subject to change)

8:30 am - 10:30 am

Session 1: Advancing  Women’s Health: Eliminating Cervical Cancer 

  • Chair: Her Excellency Dr Zainab Bagudu, Founder of Medicaid Cancer Foundation

  • Opening: Monica Emiru Enyou,  Executive Director
    National Association of Women Organizations 

  • Key Speakers: First Ladies 

  • Other Speakers/Panelists

    • ​Akila Viswanathan (Panel Moderator)

    • Kathleen Schemeler, Prof MD Anderson Cancer Center

    • Lacy Hubbard: President Elekta Foundation

    • Martina Mollers, Lead Women’s Health, Rotary International

    •  Saraswati Sukumar,  Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

    • jhpiego

Session 2:
Government Leaders and
Ambassadors Session

  • Chairs: Melvin Foote (President of CFA) and Jennifer Dent (President of BIO Ventures for Global Health)

  • Session 2A Speakers :

    • Ambassadors ​

    • Ministries of Health

  • Session 2B Speakers:

    • Private Sector collaborators​

    • Prof Robert Breiman,  Interim Director Infectious Diseases and Oncology Research Institute (Wits-IDORI) University of the Witwatersrand

    • Prof. Pat Price, Global Coalition for Radiotherapy

    • Dr Clare Thibodeaux, Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Cures Within Reach

    • Dr Paul Chilwesa, Global Access Leader, Roche

  • Diaspora Cancer Moonshot 2.0 advocacy/collaboration initiative​

12:30 - 2:00 pm

Lunch with Collaborative Side Meetings

  • Collaboration meetings  on different initiatives to extend the cancer moonshot goals globally

2:00 pm to 3:45 pm

Session 3:
Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Cloud  & AI in Global Health 

  • Chairs: Prof Harry Quon (Johns Hopkins) & Dr Kingsley Ndoh, Founder/CEO Hurone AI

  • Key Speakers

    • Cupid Chan (CEO Pistevo Decision)

    • Prof Laurence Court (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  • ​Other Speakers/Panelists 1

    • Dr Rowland Illing, Chief Medical Officer & Director, Global Healthcare and Non-Profits, Amazon Web Services 

    • Dr Kenyon Crowley, Managing Director, Data & AI for Health, Accenture Federal Services

  • Other Speakers/Panelists 2​

    • Gary Ulrich, Patient Advocate

    • Sachin Sinha, Director, Technology Strategy, Microsoft

    • Dr Lorraine Dean, Associate Professor in Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins

    •  Dr. Kofi Boahene, Founder of West Africa Institute for Special Surgery (WAISS)

Cancer care in humanitarian settings

  • Chair: Dr Susannah Stanway, Co-convenor London Global Cancer Week

  • Speakers/Panelists

    • Prof Nazik Hammad, 

    • Prof Groesbeck Parham

    • Prof Richard Sullivan 

    • Dr Oumou Kimso

    • Dr  Omar Abdihamid

    • Dr Grevorg Tamamyam

Awards Dinner

  • Guests of Honor

    • First Ladies​

    • Governor Brazilia

  • Featuring​​​​

    • The ​Rohingya students, Global Health Catalysts 
    • Highlights of Patient advocates/Videos on eliminating cervical cancer. advancing women’s health
    • Cesaltina Lorenzoni, President-elect, African Organization for Research and Training in cancer
    • Prof  V Mbarika and other key speakers
    • Leaders from different Cancer Centers and initiatives highlighting collaboration initiatives
    • Cultural entertainment
    • Prestigious Awards

Day 3 Program

June 9, 2024  (program subject to change)

8:30 - 10:30 am

Session 1:
The Global Oncology University and Sustainable Win-win collaborations session 

  • Reflections

    • Dr Festus Asana  and RGHF

    • Christine Bancalari, Co-Founder / Director
      The Down Syndrome Foundation of Florid

  • Chairs: Prof Ahmed Elzawawy, Professor of Clinical Oncology, Port Said Chair of the win-win scientific initiative; Dr Curtiland Deville, Johns Hopkins University

  •  Speakers/panelists 1

    • Prof Twalib Ngoma, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences Tanzania  (GO-U)

    •  Dr Katy Graef, Vice President BIO Ventures for Global Health (Multi-Country Clinical trials)

    • Dr Heng Li (Johns Hopkins Medicine)

    • Dr Art Pressley, Drew University USA. (Psycho-oncology)

  • Speakers/panelists 2 for collaborations with Jordan moderated by Dr Salameh Obeidat

    • Dr Yaser Rayyan, MD., Professor and Dean, School of Medicine, The University of Jordan 

    •  Dr. Laila Tutunji, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Technical Director of the Office of Scientific Research at the University of Jordan

    • Dr Kais Al Balbissi, Associate Professor, Director of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Jordan

    • Dr  Lubna Hammoudeh, Radiation Oncologist,  Oregon Health & Science University

Win-win collaborations with Asia and Eastern Europe

  • Chairs: Profs Saiful Huq/Bashkim Ziberi

  •  Speakers/panelists 1

    • Collaborators from Asia

  • Speakers/panelists 2

    • Collaborators from Eastern Europe

12:30 to 1:30 pm

Lunch, collaboration side meetings and Young Catalyst CaREER workshop

This session will announce new win-win collaborations, programs and opportunities

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Session 3: CaREER: Young Global Health Catalysts

  • Chairs: Dr Lydia Asana (USF), Dr Sayeda Yasmin-Karim (Harvard Medical School)

  •  Inspirational Key Speakers

    • Prof Victor Mbarika,  Stallings Distinguished International Scholar,  President, Board of Trustees, The ICT University

    • Celebrity 

  • ​Speakers/panelists

    • ​Johns Hopkins CaREER trainees and Young Global Health Catalysts (YCs)

    • Harvard YCs

    • University of South Florida YCs

    • University of Pennsylvania YCs

    • University of Florida YCs

    • African Country Ycs (Dr  Iyobosa Uwadiae)

    • S ASIA Ycs (Rohingya)

    • Non-profits YCs

    •  East Europe YCs

  • 4:30 pm Announcements of Fellowships/awards for Young Global Health Catalysts,  collaborations​ and advocacy

Jun 07, 2024, 8:00 AM EDT – Jun 09, 2024, 4:00 PM EDT
Washington (Johns Hopkins),
555 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
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