Phytomedicines in Global Health

From Farm to Bedside: Advancing Clinical Translation of evidence-based Medical Cannabis and other phytomedicines products for global health And Development

Over 30 USA states and a growing number of countries around the world have now legalized medical cannabis. Frontier research is now making it possible for cannabinoids and flavonnoids to be delivered directly to disease sites/targets with minimal or no side effects, which have hampered clinical translation. At the same time global health collaborations are beginning to bring evidence-based plant-based medicines from Low and Middle Income Countries to the world stage as low-cost remedies.  This highly educational session will focus on the potential use of Medical Cannabis in healthcate, closing the global pain divide,  and on leading edge international collaborations to accelerate research and clinical translation of phytomedicines in global health.  Expected outcomes include: launch of the biggest phytomedicines initiative in global health education, research and care,  publications,  MOUs to collaborate including multiple institutions in the USA and low and middle income countries (LMIC), and industry for global health and wealth or economic development.

Tentative, Regularly updated: Please Check back soon for updates

Honorable Audley Shaw

Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Jamaica

h.e. brylyne chitsunge

Pan African Ambassador for food security,

Phytomedicines session Co-chair 

Dr John Kress

Director of Botany at Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC

H.E. prof. peter Nyongo'

Governor of Kisumu, Kenya

Raymond C. Dabney

President & CEO, Co-Founder and Director, Cannabis Science Inc

Dr Jon Schoenfeld

Prof @ Harvard Medical School

Dr Gary Strichartz

Professor at Harvard Medical School

Director of Pain Research Center

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Dr Sayeda Yasmin-karim

Harvard Medical School

Dr eric tanifum

Professor @ Baylor College of Medicine

Phytomedicines session co-chair

Jeffrey R Gossain

COO, Atlas Biotechnologies

The hon. Henry Lowe

Executive Chairman
Environmental Health Foundation | R&D Group of Companies  and Flavocure Biotech inc

Calvin Johnson

Former NFL player and legend



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