Current and Former NFL Players, along with Sports and Mental Wellness Experts and Advocates, Tackle

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Boston, Mass. (May 21st, 2019) – The 5th annual Global Health Catalyst summit will be May 24th-26th in Boston, Massachusetts. The major focus of the summit is the elimination of global health disparities. During mental health awareness month, the summit continues its collaborative partnership with the sports community to expand education and advocacy initiatives surrounding sports, brain health, and mental wellness.

Sports, leadership, and behavior expert Dr. Tommy Shavers, a former Captain of University of Central Florida Football Team, who testifies he recovered and self-healed himself after suffering from CTE expressed symptoms of neurocognitive decline due to career ending concussions, is the architect behind this years’ sports and health session with the theme, “The Brain and The Game: Sports and Mental Wellness.” Dr. Shavers added, “I am honored and excited to partner again with Dr. Wilfred Ngwa and the Global Health Catalyst summit to continue bringing together the sports and science community to focus on providing real-time solutions to the current challenges surrounding sports, brain health, and mental wellness.”

NFL great and future Hall of Famer, Calvin Johnson and his co-founding partners former NFL players Rob Sims and Jason Strayhorn will be joining the summit this year. Their partnering companies Locker Room Consulting and Primative, are striving to improve the quality of life for athletes and those suffering from pain and health related challenges. “I’m honored to be invited to collaborate with the Global Health Catalyst Summit in its endeavor to study & research mental health wellness and its benefits in sports,” said Johnson. “As a former professional athlete, I’m all too aware of the mental & physical impact sports has on an individual. The human body is simply not built to sustain the type of impact we endure on a weekly basis.” He added, “While I wouldn’t trade the experience I had in the NFL, I do know I’ll be living with pain for the rest of my life. My goal is to be a catalyst for improving mental & physical well-being, by supporting research in this emerging field.”

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