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2023 Summit @ University of Pennsylvania

2023 GHC Summit

The 2023 Global Health Catalyst Summit hosted by University of Pennsylvania May 4-6, 2023 was a resounding success. Young catalysts ranging from high school through early career professionals were fully engaged as participants, volunteers, and presenters. 

Congratulations to all our Young Catalyst Award Winners:

2023 Calvin Johnson Outstanding Young Catalyst Award

Kids Fighting Cancer

Gavriel Akonwi, Logan Rodriguez, Ariel Azinwi, Gavin Rodriguez

(Libertas Scholars Inc)

2023 Best Young Catalyst Abstract Award

TeleCatalyst: A Deep Learning-based Educational Mobile Platform for Medicinal Herb Identification Leveraging CNN Model

Dang Nguyen, Akul Gupta, Phat K. Huynh, Gayarthi Mannem, Ishan Chaplot

(University of South Florida)

2023 Best Emerging Catalyst Abstract Award

Feasibility of Smart Biomaterial Loaded Caflanone Fiducial for Pancreatic Cancer

Michele Moreau, Tejaswini Appidi, Shahinur Acter, Gnagna Sy

(Johns Hopkins University)

2023 GHC Summit Young Catalyst Speakers are listed on the summit program

Please note that high school participants at all GHC  face-to-face and virtual events must be accompanied by a responsible parent, guardian, or adult such as a school representative throughout their participation.

WHO can Present a Poster:

Jr. Catalysts: High School Students 

Young Catalysts: Undergraduate Students  

Emerging Catalysts: Graduate, Health Professional, and Post Graduate Students)

Young Catalyst Poster Submission Form 

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