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Young Global Health Catalysts

Engaging, Equipping, and Entrusting Young Catalysts in Global Health Scholarship & Practice 

Welcome to the Present and Future of Global Health leadership/impact

A GHC priority is investing in Young Global Health Catalysts who are ready to get involved towards transforming global health now and into the future

Graduating Students

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Beyond my Wildest Dreams

On March 9, 2024, Young Catalysts came together in Yaounde, Cameroon for the first workshop of 2024 with support of the Global Health Catalyst. Organized by GHC Cameroon Director Ms Janet Akwanwi, and Cameroonian youth, the workshop featured lectures from the USA and Europe in an all day event filled with inspiration, fun activities and shared experiences about "Overcoming obstacles in pursuit of your dreams", "Stewardship of Gifts and Talents" and opportunities to get involved and connecting with Young Catalysts across the world, including during 2024 GHC summits.

Award Winner

Young Catalysts win awards at the GHC summit

NFL Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson personally presented the inaugural Calvin Johnson GHC Young Catalyst award to K-12 catalyst group "Kids fighting cancer" for developing a video game to educate kids dealing with cancer. Congratulations to  the winners Gavriel Akonwi, Logan Rodriguez, Ariel Azinwi, Gavin Rodriguez from Libertas Scholars in Florida

Leadership Presentation
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Young Catalysts as contributing authors

Approaching Global Oncology: The Win – Win Model

Chapter 13: Key steps for youth inclusion

Senior Editor of the Journal Nature Medicine gives key lecture

Dr Ming Yang,  with Nature Medicine gave a lecture to Young Catalysts at the GHC summit at the University of Pennsylvania on writing research manuscripts, and what leading journals are looking for.

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Young Global Health Catalysts Clubs

We are thrilled to launch Young Global Health Catalyst Clubs to Engage, Equip, & Entrust young catalysts through global health scholarship and practice.  Clubs May be hosted at institutions, organizations, or community programs.  Club expectations are general and can be adapted based on a particular club’s location, areas of interest, and available resources. Examples of expectations include a community service project, participation at some GHC live or virtual events, and a cultural humility event.

2023 Best Young Catalyst Abstract Award

Congratulations to the winners for the project:

TeleCatalyst by 
Dang Nguyen, Akul Gupta, Phat K. Huynh, Gayarthi Mannem, Ishan Chaplot
(University of South Florida)

The work introduces TeleCatalyst, an innovative mobile application that integrates a deep learning-based guidebook for the identification and use of medicinal herbs in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The core of TeleCatalyst is the HerbNet-Ensemble model, a sophisticated deep learning framework encompassing Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for data augmentation, convolutional autoencoders for feature extraction, and a novel ensemble approach for enhanced classification accuracy. 


2023 Best Emerging Catalyst Abstract Award

And the award goes to
Michele Moreau, Tejaswini Appidi, Shahinur Acter, Gnagna Sy
(Johns Hopkins University)

for research on

Feasibility of Smart Biomaterial Loaded Caflanone Fiducial for Pancreatic Cancer

Global Health Catalysts Befu Service Award

And the award goes to:

Marielle Ngamije

for her distinguished service of the years as a Young Catalyst participating and serving at the GHC summits at Harvard, Johns Hopkins and University of Pennsylvaia and being an excellent role model for others

a royingya.jpg

Young Catalyst Collaboration Opportunities and Outcomes

In November 2023, GHC summit directors visited the Asian University of Women (see above picture) and discovered  Excellence in Empowering Young Women and learning about the Rohingya population with super-talented youth and potential Young Global Health Catalysts for the future. This has resulted in new collaboration opportunities through Young Catalysts in  different institutions and countries across the world.

Some benefits of participating in GHC Young Catalyst Opportunities Include:

  • Opportunities to engage with accomplished, inspiring, individuals impacting the world for good (see website for examples)

  • Opportunities to learn about cutting edge research, innovative approaches, and collaborative initiatives involving diverse stakeholders worldwide

  • Opportunities to participate in life – saving, life-changing collaborative projects leading to publications and application across the globe

  • Opportunities to gain skills and experiences to that enhance the personal profiles of Young Catalysts including public speaking, publication, event coordination, and cross-cultural competencies

  • Opportunities to be supervised by members of the GHC network who are then able to provide strong recommendations for academic and career purposes for Young Catalysts

  • Opportunities for students and youth to represent their school, club, community, organization etc. on a global platform

  • Mentorship and support from current and past Young Catalysts, many of whom attest to the significant role the GHC has played in their academic and career growth including support in gaining admission to college, medical school, graduate school, and global health related career opportunities

  • Being part of a network of change makers catalyzing collaborations for global health and development.

Past Summits & Projects

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