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Overview of Outcomes follows:

Over 100 travel awards to learn and start collaborations during the global health catalyst summits

Training of hundreds of oncology health professionals

Establishment of diaspora-powered tumor boards


3 Books and peer-reviewed journal publications

Religion and global health

New course and cross-disciplinary field


Engagment of hundreds of diasporans to help turn brain drain to  global health gain


Catalysinz support for the establishment of  cancer centers in  Namibia, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania

Knowledge sharing including books on global oncology and peer-reviewed leading-edge publications

The summit is generating new knowledge and helping shape the emerging  field of global health, global radiation oncology

Catalyzing the establishment of 4 new cancer centers in Africa

The GHC win-win initiative is supporting the establishment of clinical oncology services in Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda

The Harvard Global Health Catalyst win-win initiative has catalyzed support for the establishment of cancer centers in African LMIC

Catalyzing many new global health collaborations each year

The GHC provides an outstanding environment for initiating collaborations

The Global Health Catalyst at Harvard Medical School is an incubator for many new collaborations designed to eliminate global health disparities, saving lives

Over 100 GHC travel awards

Travel support to learn, share, network and initiate collaborations

The Global Health Catalyst program has provided travel support for over 80 summit delegates to travel to Harvard Medical School, meet, learn, share, network and initiate collaborations.

Supporting the training/involvement of next generation global health leaders

The GHC win-win initiative supports training of next generation global health leaders

Each year, the GHC engages and supports participation and global health learning experiences of many honors students and minorities in global health

Millions of dollars in funding as a result of the GHC summit

Collaborations resulting from the summit have resulted in over 2 million dollars in funding

The summit is a different kind of conference focused on catalyzing high impact international collaborations to eliminate global health disparities. It has resulted in over 2 million dollars in funding for research collaboration

Diaspora funded co-mentored research

Co-mentored research involving faculty from the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, and LMIC resulting in co-authored publications

Supported the training of 22 oncology healthcare professionals in African LMIC

The Global Health Catalyst has provided support for training of 22 Oncology healthcare professionals

The Global Health Catalyst provided support for the African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC) Online Education platform and pioneered a global radiation oncology course taught by Harvard Medical School and other global health faculty  which led to training of many global oncology healthcare professionals. Certificates were awarded during the 2017 AORTIC conference in Kigali, Rwanda

Support the development of recommendations for USA-Africa global health and development

Support for Chartrounds Africa

A leading-edge series by the founders of

Chartrounds Africa brings together academic disease site specialists from leading cancer treatment institutions and connects them with the Chartrounds network of over 1500 physicians and medical physicists. On a scheduled basis, discuss patient management and treatment plans with trusted colleagues in real time.

Engaged over 200 diaspora group leaders in global health: advocacy, cancer prevention, crowdfunded research, telemedicine, education, and so forth

The Harvard Global Health Catalyst is breaking new ground in engaging the resource-laden diaspora

Many studies have highlighted the tremendous potential of the diaspora in global health. The Global Health Catalyst is the first initiative to actively engage hundreds of diaspora groups/leaders in turning brain drain to global health gain

Global Health Catalyst leaders work with the Constitutency for Africa and African Union in shaping global health policy FOR AFRICA

The Global Health Catalyst is at the forefront of helping shape global health policy for LMIC

Acknowledgements of GHC summit chairs and organizing support:

Wilfred Ngwa,  GHC Director (Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, UML)
Paul Nguyen, MD. GHC Co-director (Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center)
Mike Makrigiorgos, PhD (Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center)
Daphne Haas-Kogan, MD  (Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center)
Erno Sajo, PhD (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
Matthew Katz, MD (Radiation Nation)
Thomas Bortfeld, PhD (Masachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School) 
Twalib Ngoma, MD (MUHAS Tanzania)
Akila Viswanathan, MD (John Hopkins University)
Ahmed Elzawawy, MD (AORTIC, ICEDOC)
Ernest Okonkwo (Mephida, Germany)
Folakemi Odedina, PhD (University of Florida, AORTIC)
Thomas Randall, MD (Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center)
Stephen Avery, PhD (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)
Onyinye Balogun, MD (Weill Cornell Medical College)
Makeda Williams, PhD (NIH)

Louisa Ayafor, MD (ARA)
Julie Pollard, PhD (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
Lydia Asana (African Renaissance Ambassador Corp, USA)
Kwanele Asante (AORTIC)
Timothy Ribbeck, PhD (Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, AORTIC)
Christian Ntizimira, MD (Rwanda)
Thomas Winningham, PhD (Health First, ARA)
Sulma Mohammed, PhD (Purdue University, AORTIC)
Kenneth Numfor, PhD (ARA)
Victor Mbarika, PhD (ICT University)
Elizabeth Omondi (Cancer Africa)

Melvin Foote (CFA)
Hariet Shangarai, RN (, Washington DC)
Emmanuel Ngassa, MD (Ask Docta, Germany/Cameroon)
Doyin Oluwole, MD (Global Health Innovations and Action Foundation)
Oscar Nebangwa, MBA (ARA Corp)
Nazik  Hammad, MD (AORTIC)
Stella Adamu (Patcha Foundation)

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