May 26th 2019 10:15 am to 12:30 pm

Developing win-win collaborations with the diaspora as catalysts for high impact global health and development

The  Diaspora constitutes a major resource for supporting health and development efforts in their sending countries. For example, Africans in Diaspora (AID) remit over $50 billion per year to Africa, which is more than yearly global aid to the continent. Community outreach involvement of the highly skilled/educated/resource-laden AiD would, arguably, spawn and catalyze stronger collaborations and help turn the devastating African brain drain to gains against cancer. The Diaspora’s passion for contributing to their sending countries, substantial material/human resource potential, status/respect in sending communities, and better appreciation of both Developed and sending LMIC country cultures are a significant asset in reducing global health disparities. A recent survey of USA African Diaspora group leaders shows overwhelming interest (ca. 90% strong) to be a partner in the fight against cancer with suggestions on ways to catalyze such support for their sending continent. The Harvard Global Health Catalyst summit brings together hundreds of diaspora leaders, advocates, global health cancer leaders to discuss ideas and strategies on how they can be a sustainable partner and catalyst for high impact global health. Working together united against cancer, this would constitute a powerful and unprecedented grassroots  movement  in the global fight against cancer: in advocacy, education/awareness for cancer prevention, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, etc to save lives, curb the emerging African cancer epidemic with vision to ultimately eliminate cancer disparities. The diaspora program is a leading-edge initiative which also creates visibility of diaspora organization and leaders investing in health or development in both their receiving and sending countries.Tentative list of some of our powerful speakers/panelists include.

This year at the summit, top diaspora organizations will compete for the Harvard GHC Diaspora Impact Award, and their leaders will have opportunity to enhance their leadership skills by participating in the leadership training Submit your application to be considered: Learn more 

Some top diaspora speakers for the 2019 summit include:

Congresswoman Karen Bass

Chair of the Global Health Sub-committee

USA House of Representatives

Melvin Foote

President, Constituency for Africa

H.E Mull Sebujja Katende

Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda to U.S.A

Julius Garvey MD

Surgeon, and son of legendary figure Marcus Garvey

Sulma Mohammed

Professor, Purdue University

Dr Nazik hammad

Vice President of AORTIC, North America 

H.E. Carlos dos Santos

Ambassador of Mozambique to the USA

Dr bashkim Ziberi

Fulbright Scholar, Harvard Medical School

Associate Professor, University of Tetovo,

Northern Macedonia

H.E. Mahamadou Nimaga

Ambassador of Mali to the USA


Producer and Host at Africa2U

Dr. Denis Foretia

Associate Director of the Global Surgery Institute at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center 

Dr rebecca Buecker

Radiation Oncologist, Germany



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