"Agenda to Catalyze Collaborations"



  • Collaborations, collaborations, collaborations

  • Powerful talks and panels with global health leaders, government leaders, industry, student global health catalysts, residents, artists, advocates including celebrities, etc

  • Highly educational sessions

  • transformative high impact initiatives

    • increasing access to the world's premier Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Cloud (C4) powered by Artificial Intelligence

    • Phytomedicines in global health

    • Global Oncology University

  • Networking ​ to build win-win collaborations

The summit agenda is designed to catalyze high impact collaborations for global health, saving lives, reducing health disparities, advancing economic development

Expected Outcomes
Growing the world's premier comprehensive cancer center in the cloud (C4) powered by AI

Launched during the 2018 Global Health Catalyst summit, the already award-winning C4 will be scaled to dramatically increase access to cancer care, research and education without geographic/space-time barriers. Key features of the C4 include:

  • Education app: Global Oncology University providing continuous medical education as well as oncology training leading to advanced degrees and certificates

  • Care app: telemedicine for cancer and  mental health

  • Research app: technologies for global health and clinical trials

  • Outreach app: to government leaders/ambassadors, industry, religious institutions/leaders, advocates and diaspora organizations

learn more about C4

Launching the Africa-Oxford University-Harvard (AfrOx-H)  clinical trials network

As part of the C4, the AfrOX-H network will enable access to multi-center clinical trials for cancer patients in Africa, with support from industry. 

Knowledge Sharing

Powerful talks, panels, poster sessions, exhibits, and networking sessions with focus on collaborations and increase access to the C4

International Phytomedicines Institute for global health and development

Building on recent developments and advances in plant medicines products islolated from Justicia, cannabis, and other plants, the virtual institute   will unveil and drive new scientific evidence and discovery elevating medicinal plants to the global health arena, benefiting healthcare and development in both HIC and LMIC. This initiative will complement the C4, designed to include partnerships with the Department of Botany of the Smithsonian Institute, UPS, and community leaders in LMIC.

Leaders for global health and development

The leadership workshop during the summit will train young global health catalysts, diaspora health and business leaders, empowering them in a win-win strategy for global health and development,  and turning brain drain to global health gain.

Publications, grants, new partnershops

As with past year summits, the cutting edge programming this year is expected to lead to new collaborations, support for setting up new cancer centers in Low and Middle Income Countries connected to the C4, publications and funding to advance global health and development



Catalyzing collaborations, powerful talks, international panels, Networking,  Poster sessions, exhibits, Awards, Workshops, Knowledge sharing


For the second year, the GHC will collaborate with  the nonprofit, Cures Within Reach  to organize this pre-conference event at the Dana-Farber Jimmy-Fund Auditorium

Attend this philanthropic pitch event where PIs have the chance to win up to $50,000 funding for research. Learn the latest in repurposing research and participate in global health innovation by voting for your favorite project  (stay tune for updates). 


7:00 am // Registration, Coffee & Mingling


8:00 am // Welcome session and Day 1 Keynote Lectures with the Lancet Oncology   (Jimmy Fund Auditorium)


10:15 am // Coffee break

10:30 am // Government  leaders session: Extending access to quality cancer care, research and education to Low and Middle Income Countries

12:30 pm // Lunch,

Leadership training 1

2:30 pm //GHC win-win session 1: show cases and collaborations with industry

4:30 pm // Coffee break

4:45 pm // GHC win-win session 2: C4 Collaborations including:  AfrOX-H clinical trials network


6:00 pm // Welcome and Award's dinner with government leaders, industry leaders, diaspora leaders, and other global health stakeholders

**During the summit, there will be side collaboration meetings to start new collaborations involving global health stakeholders, government leaders, industry, religious leaders, diaspora business leaders, and others**


7:00 am //Coffee & Mingling,                           

8:00 am //

-Global Radiation Oncology session  (Yawkey Center Pavillon Hall)

- Sports/Health & Prevention Session (Yawkey 307 Hall)

10:15 am // Coffee break

10:30 am //

Global Surgery and Medical Oncology  (Yawkey Center Pavillon Hall)

- Religion and global health  (Yawkey 306-307)

12:30 pm // Lunch, Poster Session/Exhibit

2:00 pm // Artificial Intelligence and Global Health: Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Cloud (C4)  (Yawkey Center Pavillon Hall)

4:00 pm // Coffee  break


4:15 pm //

Mental Health and Palliative Care (Yawkey Center Pavillon)

Global Radiology (Yawkey 306-307)

5:15 pm //

Dissemination/publication/research training with Science Editor, (Yawkey Center Pavillon)

-Leadership training 2  (Yawkey 307)


6:30 pm // Networking, Collaboration and Advocacy dinner

-Keynote from Celebrity advocate

Launch of International Phytomedicines and Medical Cannabis Institute


7:00 am //Coffee & Mingling,                           

8:00 am //

- Young Global Health Catalysts, (Yawkey Center Pavillon)

- Accepted Abstract presentations across disciplines

10:00 am // Coffee break

10:15 am // Diaspora session: top 50 leaders for global health and development

- Accepted Abstract presentations across disciplines

12:30 pm // Collaboration Lunch,

2:00 pm // Phytomedicines session:

Medical Cannabis v the Opioid Crises and other plant medicines

4:15 pm // coffee break

4:30 pm // Award of Certificates: Leadership training and C4 CaREER course, CMEs. Announcement of new collaborations and awards for new collaborations


5:30 pm Close, 

AGENDA outline for  the GHC summit is below

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