Catalyzing high impact international collaborations for global health and development

The Global Health Catalyst (GHC) summit is a premier yearly  event dedicated to catalyzing high impact international collaborations and initiatives to eliminate global health disparities. The main focus of the summits are on the rising scourge of non-communicable diseases like cancer, mental health, pain and cardiovascular diseases which are severely impacting global health and economic development.


Since 2015, the yearly summits have led to many win-win collaborations including the launch of two major collaboration initiatives: the comprehensive cancer center in the cloud (C4) powered by artificial intelligence and the International Phytomedicines and Medical Cannabis Institute collaboration initiatives. 


The success of the GHC summits have resulted in partnerships  with faculty at different world leading institutions like the University of Pennsylvania, Oxford University UK, University of Heidelberg Germany, and partners in low-and-middle-income countries in education, research and outreach benefiting both high income and low income countries. Given the global participation and collaborations involved with the GHC summits, the content expressed on this website does not reflect the views of any institution. Join us  in win-win collaborations for global health and economic development



We have a dream that one day cancer will be eradicated,  and that people of all socio-economic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds will have access to quality health care for any disease

To realize this dream, we have adopted a transformative approach rooted in the values of creative agency and collaborative work embodied in the word UBUNTU. Popularized worldwide by Nobel Prize winners Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, ubuntu signifies the idea that “I am because we are,” or human connectedness. This ethos rings particularly true in today’s hyperconnected world, where we all share in the bounty of the expanding internet, advanced information and communication technologies (ICTs) with artificial intelligence and where local health has become global health and vice versa. Activities to realize this dream can be classified into 4 areas: Education, Research, Care and Outreach with unique focus on leveraging:

  • advanced information and communication technologies and Artificial Intelligence

  • unprecedented diaspora engagement to turn brain drain to global health gain,

  • support for highly innovative high quality low cost approaches and technologies for eliminating global health disparities.

  • partnerships with governments, Ministries of Health, celebrity advocates, academia, healthcare industry and NGOs



  • The world's award winning premier comprehensive cancer center in the cloud (C4) Learn more

  • New collaborations with millions of dollars in funding for global health  and development work

  • Catalyzing  support for the establishment of cancer  centers in different low and middle income countries including recently in: Nigeria, Rwanda, Cameroon, Ghana, and Kenya

  • Catalyzing participation of USA and European stakeholders in global oncology

  • Over 180 travel awards to Global Health Catalyst summits

  • New cross-disciplinary course in Religion and Global Health 

  • Knowledge sharing with peer-reviewed publications and 3 books

  •  Engagement of  hundreds of diaspora groups in global health and development

  • Unprecedented partnerships with sports, and celebrity advocates to address global health disparities,

  • Learn more

The summits feature:

  • high impact collaboration sessions,

  • powerful talks,

  • international panels,

  • Networking,

  • Poster sessions,

  • exhibits,

  • Awards,

  • Workshops,

  • Knowledge sharing.

  • seed-funding opportunities for collaborations



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Inspiring talks and panels

Some of our past year speakers

Dr Diane Gashumba

Honorable Minister of Health

Republic of Rwanda

Dr Monica Bertagnoli

President of American Association for Clinical Oncology, Professor, Harvard Medical School

Dr David Kerr

Professor, Oxford University, UK. Founder of Africa-Oxford Foundation

Dikembe Mutombo

NBA Legend and Basketball Hall of Famer

Dr Bernard  Haufiku

Honorable Minister of Health, Republic of Namibia

Dr Brian Kavanagh

President of American Society for Radiation Oncology and Professor, University of Colorado

H.E. Dr Arikana Chihombori Quao

African Union Ambassador, USA

Dow Wilson

President and CEO of Varian Medical Systems

Dr Peter  Nyongo'

Governor and former Honorable Minister of Health, Kenya

Dr Cristina Stefan

President of African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer

Dr Paul Anderson,

Senior Vice President. Brigham and Women's Hospital

Professor, Harvard Medical School

Dr Rasha Kelej

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Merck Foundation. 

Dr Julius Garvey

Surgeon, and son of legendary figure Marcus Garvey

Bruce Curran

President of American Association for Physicists in Medicine

Dr Karen Emmons

Academic Dean of Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Professor, Harvard University

Dr David Collingridge

Editor-in-Chief, Lancet Oncology

Dr Kyu Rhee

Vice President and Chief Health Officer, IBM

Calvin Johnson

NFL great and  future Hall of Famer

Dr Harold Varmus

Nobel Laureate, Former Director of the USA National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute

Karen Bass

Chair USA House of Representative sub-Committee for Global Health

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