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Global Health Catalyst  Summit Outcomes  Collaboration Opportunities

Global Health Catalyst Visiting Faculty and Co-mentored Research Fellow opportunities


Applications are invited for up to 10 Global Health Catalyst (GHC) visiting Faculty Fellowships and Research fellowships  for 2022 beginning July 1, 2022. These fellowships are available to support outstanding faculty or Fellows whose teaching and research focus is in global oncology, phytomedicine or use of ICTs  or AI in health.

Fellows will be supported to work with faculty at different world-leading institutions including: Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Oxford University, University of Heidelberg and other institutions where they will devote 1 – 3 months per year to give lectures or conduct research working with Faculty at these institutions.

Visiting Faculty: GHC visiting Faculty Applicants must hold a PhD or MD or equivalent degree at the time of application. Faculty Fellowships are open to all ranks from low and middle income countries. Faculty Fellows will receive a stipend of  $4000 per month, in addition to support for travel to and from the USA.  Visiting Faculty are expected to make a contribution to teaching or collaborative research during their stay at USA or partner European institution including via guest lectures or colloquia, or workshops with graduate students or other trainees. They will also participate at the Global Health Catalyst summits, which have funding support from the USA National Institutes of Health to catalyze collaborations

Visiting Co-mentored Research Fellows: Co-mentored research fellows must hold an undergraduate degree, and are expected to be co-mentored by a senior Faculty from their home institution. Co-mentored Research Fellows will receive a stipend of  $2500 per month, in addition to support for travel to and from the USA.  Fellows will participate in seminars, lectures, and conferences organized collaboratively by leading world institution faculty including presentations at the yearly Global Health Catalyst summits. 

Application instructions:

Applications should be submitted as one document. Application document  should include the following information: 

— the candidates name and contact information

— the candidate’s home institution

— the time the candidate can dedicate to the fellowship (1 – 3 months per year)

—  Up to 1 page statement of research interests or collaborative research area with expected outcomes if awarded the fellowship (e.g. co-authored conference abstract, peer-reviewed publication, grant proposal etc)

—  Curriculum vitae of the candidate (not more than 5 pages)

—  Research Fellow candidates  should also include name of proposed mentor or advisor from low and middle income country (LMIC) with contact information for the mentor/advisor

Application deadline: February 28, 2022 

The proposals will be evaluated and awardees selected by a committee involving faculty from different  institutions. Awardees will be notified in March 2022.

Applications can be submitted here/below

Apply for Global Health Catalyst Visiting Faculty or Research Fellowship


Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Some Former Fellows

Empowering Global Health Catalysts across the world


Professor Bashkim Ziberi

Professor Bashkim Ziberi, was a fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, 2018-2019. He is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Tetova Tetova, Macedonia. He gave lectures, and co-published two peer-reviewed manuscripts, 2 conference abstracts and 2 book contributions from his work during the fellowship/scholarship. He currently serves as Global Health Catalyst coordinator in East Europe


Vivian Birchall

Originally from Uganda, Vivian received fellowship support to complete  a postgraduate certificate in Media and Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and has covered the Global Health Catalyst summit in 2019 on Acton TV


Stanley Kelesi

From Cameroon (Mbingo Baptist Hospital) to University of Heidelberg Germany,


Johanna Wirtz

Johanna Wirtz had a three month fellowship at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the summer of 2019. Resulted in conference abstracts and three peer-reviewed publications. She is a medical student at Ulm, Germany

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